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Спец.контроллер Unitronics V570

Спец.контроллер Unitronics V570

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Полезная техническая информация по контроллерам Unitronics

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home Vision™ series Vision570™

Programmable Logic Controller + Built-in touch HMI Overview

  • I/O options include high-speed, temperature & weight measurement
  • Auto-tune PID, up to 24 independent loops
  • Recipe programs and data logging via Data Tables
  • SD card – log, backup, clone & more
  • Date & time-based control
  • Up to 1024 user-designed screens
  • 1000 images per application
  • HMI graphs – color-code Trends
  • Built-in alarm screens
  • Text String Library – easy localization
  • Memory and communication monitoring via HMI – No PC needed


  • TCP/IP via Ethernet
  • Web server: Use built-in HTML pages or design complex pages to view and edit PLC data via the Internet
  • Send e-mail function
  • SMS messaging
  • Remote Access utilities
  • MODBUS protocol support
  • BACnet, M-bus – via 3rd-party converter
  • CANbus: CANopen, UniCAN, SAE J1939 and more
  • DF1 Slave
  • SNMP Agent V1
  • FB Protocol Utility: enables serial or TCP/IP communications
  • With 3rd-party device; barcode readers, frequency converters, etc
  • Ports: supplied with 2 isolated RS232/RS485 and 1 CANbus; In Vision570: 1 USB programming port; 1 port may be added for serial/Ethernet
  • I/O options include digital, analog, high-speed, temperature & weight measurement. See tables below:
    • Snap-in I/O Modules
    • I/O Expansion Modules

Visilogic™ Software for Vision570™

All-in-One programming environment. Simple, fast development for both Ladder and HMI applications.

  • Develop your PLC and HMI applications in one environment
  • Configure hardware & communications
  • Establish modem and data communications
  • Test and debug your programs
  • Software Utilities Suite: remote access and data management tools

Related Manuals for Unitronics V570-57-T20B

Summary of Contents for Unitronics V570-57-T20B

Page 1: General Description

This guide provides basic information for Unitronics’ controllers V570-57-T20B and V570-57-T40B. General Description Vision OPLCs are programmable logic controllers that comprise an integral operating panel. V570-57-T20B and V570-57-T40B comprise a color touchscreen, which displays a virtual keyboard when the application requires the operator to enter data. 2 isolated RS232/RS485 ports Communications Isolated CANbus port, CANopen &.

Page 2: Environmental Considerations

All examples and diagrams are intended to aid understanding, and do not guarantee operation. Unitronics accepts no responsibility for actual use of this product based on these examples. Please dispose of this product according to local and national standards and regulations.

Installation Guide Vision™ OPLC™ V570-57-T20B, V570-57-T40B Inserting the Battery In order to preserve data in case of power-off, you must insert the battery. The battery is supplied taped to the battery cover on the rear of the controller. 1. Remove the battery cover shown on page 4. The polarity (+) is marked on the battery holder and on the battery.

Vision™ OPLC™ V570-57-T20B, V570-57-T40B Installation Guide Panel Mounting Before you begin, note that the mounting panel cannot be more than 5 mm thick. 1. Make a panel cut-out according to the dimensions in the figure to the right. 2. Slide the controller into the cut- out, ensuring that the rubber seal is in place.

Page 5: Power Supply

Installation Guide Vision™ OPLC™ V570-57-T20B, V570-57-T40B Wiring Do not touch live wires. Unused pins should not be connected. Ignoring this directive may damage the device. To avoid damaging the wire, do not exceed a maximum torque of 0.5 N·m (5 kgf·cm).

Page 6: Communication Ports

Vision™ OPLC™ V570-57-T20B, V570-57-T40B Installation Guide Communication Ports This series comprises 2 RS232/RS485 serial ports and a CANbus port. Turn off power before making communications connections. Always use the appropriate port adapters. Caution Serial Communications The serial ports are type RJ-11 and may be set to either RS232 or RS485 via DIP switches, in accordance with the table shown below.

Installation Guide Vision™ OPLC™ V570-57-T20B, V570-57-T40B Removing a Snap-in I/O Module 1. Locate the four buttons on the sides of the controller, two on either side. 2. Press the buttons and hold them down to open the locking mechanism. 3. Gently rock the module from side to side, easing the module from the controller.

The information in this document reflects products at the date of printing. Unitronics reserves the right, subject to all applicable laws, at any time, at its sole discretion, and without notice, to discontinue or change the features, designs, materials and other specifications of its products, and to either permanently or temporarily withdraw any of the forgoing from the market.

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