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Hot Spot отличает ясная и прозрачная система работы над формированием грамматических навыков, включающая персонализацию грамматических явлений , а также интегрированный подход к освоению всех видов речевой деятельности, направленных на развитие социокультурной компетенции или актуализацию межпредметных связей.

Hot Spot is a new course that identifies with the ‘betweenagers’ 10-14 age group. Fun and engaging, it makes the most of the growing identity of the young teenager through motivating texts and stories and lively illustrations and photography.
Each book contains seven theme-based modules each made up of three double-page presentation lessons, a cross-cultural or cross-curricular integrated skills lesson, a ‘can do’ review section, and a fun ‘extra special’ lesson to end with. The course has a transparent grammar syllabus which progresses steadily throughout the course, encouraging a discovery approach before practising and then personalising the grammar. There is a balance of skills work through the lessons, and the four skills are practised in the integrated skills lesson which focuses on a cultural or cross-curricular aspect of the module theme.
Providing a focus on the UK and other English-speaking countries, Hot Spot offers a wealth of culturally rich content that will interest and motivate young teenagers learning English.

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LESSON ntents OBJECTIVES GRAMMAR COMMUNICATION MODULE ONE: People and: P-Iaces 1 Wayne's World Pages 6-7 2 Mary's mate PoUy Pages 8-9 3 The other side…

Hot Spot 2 Activity Book Module 2

12 3 Grammar Look at the pictures and follow the lines to see who is doing what. Then complete the sentences. Use is or are and the verbs in the box. Jo Adrian and Kevin…

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coursebook for chldren teacher book

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Hot Spot Level 2 Webquest 1 Animals

Hot Spot 2 ‘Animals’ Webquest Part 1: E-species! Go to this website and do exercise 1 below. www.kidsplanet.org/factsheets/map.html Exercise 1 Put these animals into…


Slide 1 1 C-IED V-CHECK Slide 2 HOT SPOT RECONNAISSANCE HOT SPOT Slide 3 WHEN ? When « HOT SPOT » is known (bridge, culvert…) If, for me, zone is suspicious WHY ? To…

Seville Hot Spot

http://www.backpackers.com.tw/forum/showthread.php?t=847837 遊客如果需要上網建議辦 YOIGO 的預付卡(Tarjeta de prepago) 15 歐一張卡,內含 20 歐通話費用,選擇…

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Presentazione Kit Simple Hot Spot per la creazione di hot spot pubblici

HOT SPOT Issue #336

«The Leader in Affordable Advertising»

HOT SPOT Issue #329

«The Leader in Affordable Advertising»

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Hot Spot June Exam

Name : ________________ Exam: June 2011 Teacher : ______________ Class: Hot Spot 3 GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY 1. Past Simple – Complete the text with the correct form of the…

Soluzioni Hot Spot WiFI

The ICT company Con i prodotti ed i servizi della oPeN Wide soLutioNs fai un salto nel futuro: • soluzioni per la telefonia aziendale che sfruttano la tecnologia VoiP:…

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1. Hot Spot Hunting Point Corp Level 1 ‘Oxley House’ 25 Donkin Street Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4101 +61 1800 773 779 2. The fields of business and industry…

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HSNM: the all-in-one appliance for your Wi-Fi business. Look at the official web site: www.hsnetworkmanager.com

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1. Hot spot (área resplandeciente) Hot spot (área resplandeciente) Álvaro González García-Terrer4ºD www.laclasedevidal.blogspot.com 2. Índice -¿Qué es un hot spot?…

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Metode penentuan pengaruh gaya gelombang terhadap kelelahan pada sambungan struktur dapat dilakukan dengan cara 1. Analisa deterministic (deterministic analysis) atau dengan2.…

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XIII-1819-00 Hot spot approach

Describe Hot spot approach in relation to welding joints, hereunder recommendations to FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

HOT SPOT Issue #403

«The Leader in Affordable Advertising»

  • LESSON ntents OBJECTIVES GRAMMAR COMMUNICATION MODULE ONE: People and: P-Iaces 1 Wayne’s World Pages 6-7 2 Mary’s mate PoUy Pages 8-9 3 The other side of the world Pages 10-11 4 My country Pages 12-13 Module review Extra special Pages 16-17 Verb be: Present simple• Giving information about yourself, your family and where you live • Describing people’s appearance • Comparing people’s life-styles and interests • Giving personal information • Talking about likes and dislikes • Skills: cross-cultural Pages 14-15 • USAquiz • Mini project: My loves and hates Verb be: Present simple Have got Present simple Can (ability) Like/don’t like/love/hate + noun/-ing Vocabulary: Everyday objects Ordinal numbers Vocabulary: Colours used to describe hair and eyes Pronunciation: Rhyming words Vocabulary: Everyday objects Song: All about me Reading: My country Speaking: Asking and answering questions listening: Answering true or false questions Writing: Writing about your country Fun spot: Mr. X MODULE TWO: Work and plciYl 5 Saturday morning chores Pages 18-19 6 Work and play Pages 20-21 7 Saving the world Pages 22-23 8 Helping at home Pages 24-25 Module review Extra special Pages 28-29 o • Talking about what you are doing now Vocabulary: Everyday objects and actions • Talking about how often you do things • Talking about what things are made of • Talking about things we usually or always do • Talking about things we are doing now • Skills: cross-cultural Pages 26-27 • Twenty questions • Mini project: My useful robot Present continuous Expression of frequency Adverbs of frequency Object pronouns: it, them Present simple Present continuous Vocabulary: Everyday actions Song: Rock star Vocabulary: Types of materials Reading: Answering questions from text listening: Match phrases to pictures Speaking: Asking and answering questions Writing: Writing a list Fun spot: Word mountain
  • Module 1

    ayne’s world Lesson objective • Giving information about you, your family and where you live. o Picture search bike sea Labrador pier flat football boots 101 Find these in the pictures: o Presentation a) 1.02 Listen and read. Look at the pictures to help you understand. I » Hi. My name’s Wayne Turner, I’m twelve years old. And this is my world! This is my home. My address isFlat 8, 19 Marina Road, Brighton. Our flat isn’t big, but the view is fantastic! Look. You can see my hometown Brighton, the sea and the pier. Brighton isn’t a big town, but it’s famous. E.very year a lot of people come here for a day by the sea. That’s my sister, Tina. She’s sixteen. And that’s our dog, Bobby. He’s a Labrador and he’s very friendly. Today’s the best day of the year. Can you guess why? Yes, it’s the 15th of September- my birthdavl And these are two of my favourite things: my bike and my football boots. My boots are a bit rnuddvat the moment and they aren’t new, but they’re great! My mum says I’m sports mad. My top three sports are football, basketball and athletics. b) 1.02 Listen again. Look at the pictures and point to the things Wayne talks about. fantastic the best a bit sports mad

    e y 11 t. eComprehension a) Read the text again. Find the answers to these questions. 1 What’s Wayne’s surname? 2 How old is he? 3 What’s his address? 4 Who’s Tina? S When’s Wayne’s birthday? 6 What are his favourite things? 7 What are his top three sports? b) VD3) Listen and check. c) Then work with a classmate. Ask and answer. c;ner) oGrammar practice Verb be Complete with ‘m, is, ‘s, are ‘re. 1 1__ 12 years old. 2 Wayne’s flat __ n’t big. IL- small. 3 Tina __ n’t twelve. She__ sixteen. 4 Wayne and Tina __ n’t cousins. They__ brother and sister. S Wayne’s football boots __ a bit muddy and they __ n’t new, but they __ really great. (

    Grammar page 94 ) oOrdinal numbers a)

    Listen and practise saying the numbers. 1st first 2nd second s= third 4th fourth 5th fifth 6th sixth 7th seventh 8th eighth 9th ninth 10th tenth 11th eleventh 12th twelfth 13th thirteenth 14th fourteenth 15th fifteenth 16th sixteenth 17th seventeenth 18th eighteenth 19th nineteenth zov twentieth 21st twenty-first 22nd twenty-sec.ond, etc. 30th thirtieth 31 st thirty-first, etc. b) Work with two or three classmates. Find out when their birthdays are. When’s your birthday?, It’s on the 21st of March. Writing tip flat number lJjayne turner

    (larB / 19 Marina Road house 8r

    hmn 4 — number 8N1 6[( 4 — street name name of city/ town/village postcode AI—ll-n-U-«-‘

    1’I 11H U-H- My English file Write about your world. Use the text in Activity 2 as a model. 1-1,’. iY1j f’\ll.01e..’S

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