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Разбираем английские топики на разные темы для школьников и студентов. Топик Путешествие на английском – Travelling. Топик можно использовать и как сочинение. В уроке вы найдете английский текст с переводом на русский.


Travelling is very popular nowadays. A lot of people travel to different countries if they have such opportunity. Travelling allows you to get interesting experience, learn about people’s life in other countries and continents. I think it is very interesting to discover new things, new places and different ways of life. While on travel, you meet new people, try different meals; see world famous places with your own eyes.

These are many ways of traveling — by train, by plain, by ship, on foot. If you want to visit a far country, you’ll definitely choose a flight. If your aim is to see many countries for a short time, you’ll choose travelling by bus or by car. If you want to be closer to nature, you may choose a trip on foot.

Lots of people nowadays live in big cities. So it’s natural that they want to have a holiday by the sea or in the mountains with nothing to do but relaxing. There is other sort of travellers. They want to visit as many countries as possible. So after exploring Europe and North America they go to exotic countries.

People who travel a lot, are very interesting, they always have a good story to tell. Thanks to them you can learn many things which you didn’t know before. They motivate to see something new, to explore the world, which is so easy to do nowadays. Any kind of travel helps you to understand many things that you would never see or learn at home.

As English people say — A picture is worth a thousand words. And I totally agree with them.

Тесты онлайн по теме «Путешествие — Travelling, Tourism». В каждом тесте аудио + картинка. Тесты помогают тренировать понимание на слух, запоминать слово путем ассоциаций, тренировать правописание слова:

Уровень B. Прочее.

Nowadays travelling is a popular activity among people. It is very interesting to see new places, another towns and countries. People like travelling and they travel a lot. They can travel for pleasure or on business.

There are different methods of travelling. You can travel by plane, by ship, by train or by car. Some people travel on foot. You can go along little lanes where the fast car can’t go. You can wander through meadows, pass quite lakes and wonderful woods. Also you can see wild animals and flowers in the forest. You can feel the beauty of nature. But I think, it’s not a very comfortable way of traveling, because you can get tired very quickly.

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I would like to tell you about my journey to Japan.

Last year I had I chance to visit this wonderful country and I think it is the best journey I have ever had.

I visited Tokyo, Misima, Yokohama, Kyoto and many others large and small cities of Japan.

The history of Japan, its culture, traditions and social life surprised me a lot.

Japaneses could combine technological advance and centuries-old traditions.

One could see a very old building in traditional style next to a multistory skyscraper in a street.

I visited a lot of museums, galleries, historical places and monuments.

If you have a chance to go to Japan, you should take it!

Я хочу рассказать вам о моем путешествии в Японию.

В прошлом году мне выпал шанс посетить эту великолепную страну, и это было лучшее путешествие в моей жизни.

Я побывал в Токио, Мисима, Ёкохама, Киото и во многих других крупных и небольших городах Японии.

Меня сильно удивила история Японии, ее культура, традиции и социальная жизнь.

Японцы смогли совместить технический прогресс и многовековые традиции.

На улице можно увидеть старые дом в традиционном стиле рядом с многоэтажным небоскребом.

Я посетил множество музеев, галерей, исторических мест и памятников.

Если у вас будет шанс поехать в Японию – используйте его!

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