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Закрепление изученной лексики, грамматики

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The Grammar Competition The work is done by teachers of Ubi secondary School Yaruhina Marina V.

Цели мероприятия: Обобщение изученного грамматического материала Закрепление навыков перевода Развитие внимания и мышления Закрепление лексики по изученным темам

The Grammar Competition 1 Task Do you know Proverbs?

Код расшифровки : каждой букве алфавита соответствует определенное число. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1) 9\20 9\19 14\5\22\5\18 20\15\15 12\1\20\5 20\5 12\5\1\18\14. 2 ) 20\23\15 8\5\1\4\19 1\18\5 2\5\20\20\5\18 20\8\1\14 15\14\5.

Check yourself It is never too late to learn. Two heads are better than one.

The Grammar Competition 2 Task The Odd Words

Find the odd word in each list Terrible Disastrous Damaging Lose Awful Strong Wind Terribly Awfully Strongly Fast Badly Rubbish Cans Drop Paper Litter Pollution

Check yourself Terrible Disastrous Damaging Lose Awful Strong Wind Terribly Awfully Strongly Fast Badly Rubbish Cans Drop Paper Litter Pollution

The Grammar Competition 3 Task The Right Order

Put the letters in the correct order a,s,r,e , f ,c,o,t p , r,b,i,i,o,h,t o,u.l, p ,e,l,t,r t, e , n,n,e,v,n,i,o,r,m h,p,s,e,a,c,i, s r , c, e,c,e,l,y t,c,e,t,o,r, p n, c , o,o,i,m,m,t,u,a,n,c,i

Check yourself Forecast Prohibit Polluter Environment Spaceship Recycle Protect Communication

The Grammar Competition 4 Task The Word combinations

Make the wordcombinations Avoid At least Drop A can Packed Recycling Clear Rubbish Goods Of food Centre Talking to him Litter Four people

Check yourself Avoid talking to him, at least four people, drop litter, a can of food, packed goods, recycling centre, clear rubbish.

The Grammar Competition 5 Task «Choose the correct verb form» 1) I met / was meeting a friend while I did / was doing the shopping. 2) I paid / was paying for my things when I heard / was hearing someone call my name. 3) I turned / was turning round and saw / was seeing Paula. 4) She wore / was wearing a bright red coat. 5) We decided / were deciding to have a cup of coffee. 6) While we had / were having a drink, a waiter dropped / was dropping a pile of plates. 7) We all got / were getting a terrible shock. 8) While the waiter picked / was picking up the broken plates, he cut / was cutting his finger. 9) We left / were leaving the café and said / were saying goodbye. 10) I finished / was finishing my shopping and went / was going home.

Check yourself 1) met, was shopping; 2) was paying, heard; 3) turned, saw; 4) was wearing; 5) decided; 6) were having, dropped; 7) got; 8) was picking, cut; 9) left, said; 10) finished, went

The Grammar Competition 6 Task

1 ) The Nile is __________. 2) Greece is __________. 3) The Sahara is __________. 4) The Mediterranean is __________. 5) Crete and Corsica are __________. 6) Everest is the highest __________ in the world. 7) Michigan and Eyrie are two of the Great __________. 8) The « Great Bear » is a group of __________.

Check yourself 1) a river; 2) a country; 3) a desert; 4) a sea; 5) islands; 6) mountain; 7) lakes; 8) stars.

The Grammar Competition 7 Task The «5» — Game

Name 5 words Name 5 sorts of vegetables. Name 5 school subjects. Name 5 sorts of fruit. Name 5 sports. Name 5 professions. Name 5 things that people wear. Name 5 English names. Name 5 English-speaking countries. Name 5 animals.

The Grammar Competition solutionforestschemicalswaterlakehurricaneflooddroughtvolcanodropcan

Check yourself Solution, forests, chemicals, water, Lake ,hurricane, flood ,drought ,volcano, drop, can

The Grammar Competition 9 Task « Who is the cleverest?»

Guess our riddles. Each right answer is 1 point. This is the season This is the season When children ski when days are cool And Father Frost when we eat apples Brings New Year tree and go to school

The little old woman This is the season Has 12 children when snowdrops bloom Some short, some long, when nobody likes to sit in his room, Some cold, some hot. This is the season Who is she? When birds make their nests, this is the season we all like best.

Check yourself (winter) (autumn) (Year) (spring)

Thank you for attention !

По теме: методические разработки, презентации и конспекты

Контрольная работа разработана для 8 класса по учебнику «Новый курс английского языка для российских школ» О.В. Афанасьевой, И.В. Михеевой после изучения 2-й главы: «English-a Global Language».

План урока предполагает раскрытие важности изучения английского языка и умения владеть в совершенстве, чтобы можно было понимать, общаться на английском языке.

Мероприятие предназначено для учащихся 8 класса общеобразовательной школы. В нем в увлекательной форме учащиеся систематизируют полученные знания, еще раз активизируют их в речи. Выполнение школьникам.

Итоговый тест для 7 класса и стартовый тест для 8 класса по английскому языку с ключами.

Презентация к уроку «Geographical position of the USA» для 8 класса на английском языке.

Презентация предназначена для изучения раздела Culture Corner Spotlight 8.

Рабочая программа рассчитана на 3 часа в неделю, 105 часов в год.Для повышения интереса обучающихся к английскому языку, развития навыков чтения, аудирования, письма, говорения, подготовки к сдаче экз.

Презентация была опубликована 3 года назад пользователемПолина Шульгина

презентация по английскому языку для 8 класса на тему «Ecological problems»

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Презентация 8 класса по предмету «Иностранный язык» на тему: «Презентация к уроку по английскому языку (8 класс) по теме: презентация по английскому языку «Ecological problems»». Скачать бесплатно и без регистрации. — Транскрипт:

1 Ecological Problems Pollution and protection of our environment

2 Ecology is a science. Many sciences have such prefix. What does it mean Eco? Eco means home» in Latin language. Its a science about our mutual home – about nature. Science, which teachers us to treat very carefully to our homeland. Environment – is surroundings we live in.

3 People have always polluted their surroundings. Even in ancient times people admitted that their health was depending on the state of surroundings. But only in XX century humanity, in full measure, realized, that many diseases are closely connected with the air and water pollution and inferior products.

5 Air pollution. Air pollution is a very serious problem, because polluted air can cause illness and even death. Every year world industry pollutes the atmosphere with about 1500 million tons of dust and other harmful substances. Many cities suffer from smog, the oxygen balance upsets. Cars are polluting the air by exhaust gases and other dangerous chemicals.

6 Virtually not only human beings pollute the air but nature itself can cause damage,for example volcanic eruptions. But the consequences after volcanic eruptions arent so harmful as human beings, in contrast to human activities, these processes are always reversible – thought after a while the atmosphere will recover in former structure.

7 Water pollution Water recourses is one of the main factor of existing life in our planet. People use fresh water for their needs. It is more than 2% of hydrosphere volume. First of all water pollution is the result of industrial, agricultural and everyday necessities discharge of wastes into rivers, lakes and seas. The main part of water pollution plays a large number of oil industry wastes.

8 Soil pollution The main component of the Earth biosphere represents topsoil. Soil is polluted by: litter, wastes, heavy metals, pesticides, radioactive elements. Sinking aerosol may contain heavy poisonous metals and it may lead to plants ruin.

9 Modern ecological problems

12 Ways of solving ecological problems I.Creation of different kinds of purification plants; II.Recycling.

13 III Using of conservation technologies and rational distribution of industry. Creation of purification territorial systems.

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