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Закачек 2023
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В этом разделе сайта вы найдете сборник качественных фанатских и официальных карт для Героев 3.

Особенность данной подборки в том, что все карты здесь хорошо сбалансированы и, потому, хороши как для одиночной игры, так и для мультиплеера. А благодаря интересным сюжетам, а так же большому размеру и специфическому ландшафту, они отлично подходят для длительного изучения и многократного перепрохождения.

С этого сайта вы можете скачать новые карты для Heroes 3 абсолютно бесплатно.

Скачать понравившиеся карты для Героев 3 можно, кликнув на соответствующую ссылку под описанием.

Рейтинг карт определяется «лайками» социальной сети Вконтакте
Важно! При возникновении проблем с установкой карт воспользуйтесь инструкцией

Author: myth1908 (Brussels, Belgium), 10-05-2018 08:05

I was just surfing the map and 3-4 weeks after I got Town Portal and DD all fights were made on auto til the end. I had around 40k power liches. Started with rampart, but switched to a necro hero right after I defeated Kren more.

Author: N-Ry (Montreal, Canada), 10-05-2018 04:06

I was struggling very much at the beginning with ressources. But then, I managed to get a tome of earth magic on a dragon utopia. It helped me so much. Especially for town portal and ressurection. The game was basically won when I found the horn of the Abyss. Game lasted for over 13 months and I had more.

Author: Hazar (Russia), 09-05-2018 22:22

New version is uploaded more.

Author: Homura , 09-05-2018 21:14

guess now it’s just an issue of time for you to beat this map. more.

Author: Mark (USA), 09-05-2018 15:53

By the time you build sufficient strength you are met with a hero that decimates what you spent time to build up. This is continues as a cycle and becomes frustrating. more.

Author: Mark (USA), 09-05-2018 15:49

Well done map. Thoroughly enjoyable. more.

Author: myth1908 (Brussels, Belgium), 09-05-2018 14:18

I made it. I won the fight with 0 loses. Used a bug with bersek. Felt a bit bad, but fak him :D. Now I have all the spells, including dd and fly. more.

Author: Lauri , 09-05-2018 13:13

Gave this map another try a few days ago. This time my main-hero didn’t end up with four useless skills.

Author: myth1908 (Brussels, Belgium), 09-05-2018 11:49

So I tried to block 3rd level spells. Forgot that is 3+, not 1, 2, 3. He had 1 and 2 banned so I got destroyed in 3 minutes. Time to run again. While I was running, he went bananas with DD and took away my two main castles. I wanna cry but I’m out of tears. more.

Author: myth1908 (Brussels, Belgium), 09-05-2018 11:34

Made another try. I think I’m in month 8. None of the heroes have 40+ except power skill. Decent secondary now, but still I have some leadership and something else useless. However, just ended up a fight with Kren. About 90 minutes up and down. And when I thought this is it, he used teleport. I more.

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